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Attorney Monitoring

What Is Attorney Monitoring? We will monitor any attorney and alert you immediately (by text or email) if a new filing is recorded in our system against them. We also monitor Court filings nationwide so we can alert you if we find a new filing there also. This service gives you totally FREE access to our private internal messaging system so you can contact other filers and discuss your experiences. Sign up for 12 or 24 months!

To Make Hiring/Firing Decisions
Reason #1

Make a truly informed decision
about who represents you by
knowing the facts beforehand

To File A Grievance
Reason #2

Are you worried that your
attorney has done something
wrong? Find out now.

Currently in Litigation
Reason #3

Surprises are not always a
good thing especially when in
the middle of a lawsuit

To File A Reconsideration
Reason #4

Was your grievance dismissed
but you know your attorney did
something wrong? Fight back!

Messaging Service

What is the Messaging Service? Sign up for monitoring service and receive access to our private internal messaging service at no extra charge. Our messaging service is Opt-In Only for your privacy and is for our customers only. No lawyers allowed. Simply login and be connected to others, like yourself, who are monitoring an attorney. Tell your story and share information about your experience with a specific attorney.

Satisfied Customer

My attorney rarely returns my phone calls. I would leave a message and normally not hear back for over a week.

LegalWhistler put me in touch with other clients who had the same experience. I fired the attorney.

Satisfied Customer

My attorney disappeared for two weeks. His office was closed and no phone calls were being answered.

LegalWhistler sent me an alert that indicated other clients were also looking for the attorney. I decided to hire someone else.

Satisfied Customer

I gave my attorney $50,000 to put in an escrow account but some of the money went missing. My attorney had no explanation.

I ordered a report from LegalWhistler that shows this has happened before so I filed a grievance.

Satisfied Customer

My attorney missed a deadline but insisted it was my fault. I know the attorney was wrong so I filed a grievance but it was dismissed.

LegalWhistler connected me with two other clients who had the same experience. So I filed a reconsideration and won.

Did Something Bad Happen To You? Make Sure It Does Not Happen To Others
Do not remain silent. If an attorney did something bad to you, they will likely do the same thing or worse to someone else. Speak Up!