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Single Report

Single reports contain info on previous and pending disciplinary actions against one attorney for the last 7 years.

Combo Report

Combo reports are perfect for comparing two or three attorneys side by side. It is often used to help make hiring decisions.

Bundled Report

Bundled reports are strictly for law firms. Up to 10 attorneys can be included. The firm chooses the attorneys.

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#1 Reason to Order A Report: To Make Hiring Decisions

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Sample of Single Report

Header Section

The Header Section contains the name of the attorney, the name of their law firm, the date the attorney was admitted to practice, the current status of the attorney (on probation, suspended, disbarred or reinstated) and the States where the attorney is licensed to practice.

Disciplinary Section

The Disciplinary Section contains the disciplinary history of the attorney for the last 7 years. Censure, probation, suspension, disbarment,  reinstatement and pending actions are listed here with the corresponding code and date. Previous dismissals and inquiries are listed if known.

Key / Legend

The Key/Legend Section holds the codes representing misconduct alleged in the grievance. Each code represents an action deemed unethical/illegal by the American Bar Association in regard to expected attorney conduct. The codes vary based on the severity of the misconduct.

Other Information

Other information contained on the report includes a reference number to be used to identify the report when contacting our customer service department. The date the report was issued is printed in the upper right corner. Any pertinent notes are included in the Notes Section.