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Ready to File A Grievance? Get Step-by-Step Guidance

We Can Help Put You on the Road to Justice. Have Your Voice Heard.

We can help you file a more effective grievance against any attorney in America. Over 100,000 grievances are filed annually but nearly 90% of them are dismissed. We can help improve your odds for receiving justice. Be heard today!

File A Grievance

You can file a grievance against any licensed attorney nationwide. You can also refile a previously dismissed grievance for reconsideration under certain circumstances.

Order A Report

Find out if a grievance has been filed against an attorney or if a disciplinary record exists in our database. Compare one attorney to another by ordering a combo report.

Monitor An Attorney

Monitor any attorney, yours or opposing counsel, and be alerted if a new grievance is filed against them through our system.  Gain access to information you may need to know.

Why Our Service Gives You Better Results



Grievances are currently kept confidential in most States. Once dismissed, the records are almost always purged. Because the records are confidential and frequently destroyed, it is difficult to discover a pattern of behavior that might be deemed unethical or illegal.



We retain all filed grievances whether dismissed or not. We review them for patterns of abuse. This retention and review process often leads to success when grievances are filed again for reconsideration. It also helps us show a pattern that may have been missed.

Common Reasons to File A Legal Grievance

The most common reason to file a legal grievance is for attorney misconduct. This is unethical or illegal conduct as established by the American Bar Association. The rules have been adopted by nearly all 50 States.

Common examples of unethical attorney conduct include failing to communicate with a client, hiding evidence and making false/misleading statements to clients or the Court. However, this is not a complete list. Our system can help you identify other legitimate complaints worthy of a grievance filing or a reconsideration.



Filed Grievances





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What to Expect From Our Comprehensive Reports

We offer three types of reports including: the single report, the combo report and the bundled report. The single and combo reports are available to the public. The bundled report is exclusively for law firms.

The single report contains data on one attorney. The combo report compares up to three attorneys. The bundled report contains data on up to ten attorneys chosen by the firm. See sample reports for specific content.





What Happens After You File A Legal Grievance

We do not discipline attorneys. We assist the public with the preparation of grievances that are then submitted to the correct disciplinary authority. That authority is usually the Bar Association or the State Supreme Court.

We monitor the progress of those grievances, advise the public on how to respond to additional requests for information and track the outcomes of the filings. We have licensed legal professionals who can consult with you if your matter requires a hearing. Our main goal is to connect people who have had similar experiences with an attorney and encourage them to pool their stories together to leverage more desirable results for everyone.